Learning Neuro Linguistics Programming is like getting a manual to your brain. Using language to create powerful, positive changes in our behavior and emotions NLP can do everything from fixing phobias to learning how to get rapport with just about anyone.

NLP completely changed my life for the better! It took my most limiting social tendencies of feeling awkward and out of the rhythm and it gave me the ability both to communicate and to listen far beyond my previous capacity.

Behavioral flexibility makes us powerful.

For every way there is to say something or respond to something, there are millions of different ways to say or respond to that same thing. Why do most people stick with the way they are saying it, even when the way they are saying it isn’t working? We repeat not just because we’re habitual creatures but from a lack of ideas of how to do it differently.

Being shy, or anxious or a control freak are all temporary identifiers. The personality is malleable, there is no aspect of your being that is fixed, It all has the potential for change.

We spend an enormous amount of time talking about why things are the way they are but NLP’s battle cry is not WHY? but HOW? How do we change and shift? How do we grow and do it different?

NLP shows us how to do, be or have whatever we want and it allows us to know that if it’s possible in the world, it’s possible for us.

There’s an NLP 101 class I run once or twice a year but as most of my work is pretty ThetaHealing® focused here’s a list of references/referrals for those that are curious! I highly encourage NLP for the left brainers out there who are interested in personal growth and development. Programs I attended:
Books on NLP I’d recommend:
Time For a Change by Richard Bandler Re-framing by Richard Bandler Slight of Mouth by Robert Dilts Core Transformation by Connirae Andreas NLP for Dummies (no joke)

Compel | by Jetter Green