What is Core Visions?

Alexis Rose Davis
Neuro Linguistics Practitioner
ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor
CoreVisions CEO since 2006

Personal Mission

I want to be ever expanding, more intelligent and more graceful in the ways of the world. I don’t mean collecting information and gathering more skills, I assume that will happen anyway. Instead I want to continue to find new ways to liberate myself and others from the limiting ideas and beliefs that prevent us from feeling free.

I want to know with greater clarity and understanding, what is at the heart of things? I want to stay curious and passionate about how one keeps their finger on the pulse of life, I want to be alive, awake and hungry for more.

I aim to engage with, listen to and coax my scared bits and yours out from under the bed and invite them to play. “Don’t be afraid!” I want to shout. “The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll die, and that’s going to happen anyway!”

I want to say and be and do the things that light people up, turn people on and feel with great clarity the truth of who they really are;

Wonderful, extraordinary, sacred Consciousness
filtering through a gorgeous sack of muscles and blood and bone.

Core Visions

When it was time to open my practice one of the most daunting aspects was how to come up with a name.

I had to start by answering these questions;

What words could I get behind that would last through the growing pains of a new company?
What vision would be so compelling I would want to return to it again and again?
What concepts embody a personal purpose that would yield me enough energy to stay committed even if it got hard?

Core comes from the Latin word Cor which means heart. It indicates a central part, an essential piece of an organism. I have always been interested in answering the question; stripped of fear and shame and ideology, what do things and people look like at their raw and beautiful core?

Vision implies the act or power of imagination and of being able to see. What pleasure theta has given me and so many, to see the unseen! To reveal the unknown!

To take what feels complicated and make it clear! What strange magic it is to witness and vision the power and beauty and potential on behalf of another person that hasn’t yet been able to see it for themselves.

And So!

Yours. Mine. Ours.