ThetaHealing® Workshops

Registering for Workshops:

I’ve been on maternity leave for a little over 2 years. I believe I’ll go back to teaching at some point but when is a mystery. If you are feeling called to this work I strongly recommend finding a teacher that is vetted and aligns with your value systems.  Good luck, theta is a beautiful practice and I wish everyone knew how to do it, if even for themselves.

BASIC ThetaHealing® DNA 1&2  

  • Class runs from 10:00 to 5:00 for all three days
  • All classes in San Diego are held at 3081 University Ave, 92014
  • Basic Theta is $600; payment plans are an option for those that need them
  • This class certifies you as a ThetaHealing® Practitioner

This is a powerful three-day certification workshop designed to strengthen your relationship with self and with Source.
There are really no requirements other than an open mind and a desire to learn some of the principles and language of Energy.
If you have ever craved a deeper connection to your intuitive self, ThetaHealing® might offer you a framework on how.

Being sensitive gets a bad rap but being sensitive is fucking awesome.

I don’t believe we get overwhelmed because we are “hyper sensitive”, I believe we get overwhelmed when we have no control over our own energy fields.

Your energy body is like an orchestra with many instruments that are playing all at once. It is our responsibility to learn to tune and tone that sound gracefully. We deserve to feel good. We deserve to feel in harmony with ourselves. Learning to influence you energy field on purpose is what allows for more consistent states of flow.

In Basic ThetaHealing® DNA 1&2 you will learn about the five different brain waves and how they are relevant to your quality of life.

We will practice the art of doing readings and healings. We will practice the theta meditation and the many ways that it can heal us. When the mind begins to practice holding an intentional, conscious theta brain wave a number of beautiful things begin to happen.

First, it naturally releases serotonin dopamine and decreases cortisol levels (the stress hormone).

Then! Pain receptors start to close; the longer we stay in that state, the deeper it rewires your experience of your body.

AND. When you begin to practice this modality consistently, your verbal I.Q. increases. You become more capable of accurately identifying internal experiences and being able to relay it to other people in a way they can understand. When we are clear and calm in our self-expression it encourages intimacy and ease with whomever we’re communicating.

Some people come for the certification, some because they want to better manage their own energy, some because they have a deep desire to start or further their own spiritual practice.

Whether you want to begin your own ThetaHealing® practice, add to what you already know, or are simply interested in expanding your consciousness and opening your mind, this class is for everyone who is interested in the creation of a joyful, liberated life.

Plus, it’s fun.

ADVANCED ThetaHealing® DNA 1&2  

  • Class runs from 10:00 to 5:00 all three days
  • All classes in San Diego are held at 3081 University Ave, 92014
  • Advanced Theta is $600; payment plans are an option for those that need them
  • This class certifies you as an Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner

Advanced Theta includes some powerful and permanent healing processes for the body, mind and spirit.

If Basic Theta is the hard work of learning a new language, Advanced Theta is the fun of learning how to speak that language fluently.

Advanced ThetaHealing® is designed to deepen your connection with your personal theta practice while also expanding your ability to “see” and receive information more accurately and with grace.

This class includes about 8 to 10 hours of group downloads. The downloads are meant to re-calibrate our relationship to success and failure, to our primary relationship and to the truth itself. They help retrain our cell receptors out of the addiction to drama, loneliness, and depression, anger or shut down that we’ve learned from the culture of our families and encourages the desire for peace and clarity and fun.

We can learn to be “addicted” to good will, good times and high quality interactions with others. You are so much more awesome than your habits make you think.

You deserve to know what it feels like to be included, to be wanted, to feel safe, to feel powerful, to trust yourself, to trust yourself with money, and on and on….

This class changes your core vibration.. It strengthen your relationship to the power of unconditional love, forgiveness and reminds you deeply the leverage of connecting to the Source within and without.

For me, it’s a three day celebration of energy work, community and the value of what ThetaHealing® can actually do.