What is CoreVisions?

My name is Alexis Rose Davis and I have been the happy creator/owner of CoreVisions since 2006.When it was time to open my practice one of the most daunting aspects was how to come up with a name.I had to start by answering these questions;

What words could I get behind that would last through the growing pains of a new company?

What vision would be so compelling I would want to return to it again and again?

What concepts embody a personal purpose that would yield me enough energy to stay committed even if it got hard?

What is ThetaHealing?

Theta is a tool that helps us utilize our ability to heal quickly from emotional, psychological and even physical pain.  ThetaHealing® is a combination of quantum physics, psychic phenomenon and spirituality that has the potential to rock your world.

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) is the art and practice of using language to create powerful, positive changes in our behavior and emotions.  It utilizes the effect that language has on the brain.  Through the mediums of visualization, auditory and kinesthetic techniques, processes and games, NLP plays with our natural ability to connect stimulus and response and recreates it to better serve us.

What is CoreVisions?
What is ThetaHealing?
What is Neuro-Linguistics?


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