What it is:

Session lasts an hour and is $245, although recently I’ve been working for sliding scale so feel free to ask, I’ll do what I can. 

My intention is to lighten your emotional, physical and spiritual state by breaking up old mental scar tissue that binds up your neural networks. Thetahealing and a good conversation can unwind, re-write and release you from your caught machinery!  Then your beautiful energy will be freed up to go create something new.

Preparing for session; gird your loins!

(Just kidding)

Please be well hydrated and if at all possible, calm. Even just having 3 or 4 minutes to yourself before we start will make a difference in the quality of conversation that’s possible.

It is up to you whether or not you have a list of topics you want to discuss.  I have found that coming into session with a clear intention greatly increases the chance that you will get what you want. Although session has a life of it’s own, us having a common goal gives our time together direction and energy and purpose.

It’s best if you’re in a quiet place where you have privacy.

All you need is a glass of water, some paper and a pen.

People get a LOT more out of session when they can re-listen. I highly recommend finding a way to record.  There are apps you can download to record the call if you’re using your cell phone for session.