Group ThetaHealing Session #9; A love letter to your nervous system

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Meditations

Anyone feeling overwhelmed? I can’t imagine why! Racial injustice! Out of control Fires! Corona Virus! Political warfare! Even under normal conditions change and transformation can be hard on us and our bodies. We are biologically wired to straddle that sweet spot between security/the known and an ever present desire to evolve. When changes (especially the kind we didn’t consciously choose) begin to outweigh our stability it can be a rough ride, What can we do? We can take a deep breath together, we remember our bodies, we lean into our communities, we stop shaming ourselves (and others) for losing the way, over and over again as soon as we are able we lead ourselves and those around us back to center, towards what brings us strength of spirit and bodily wellness, and we do the best we can with where we’re at. Let’s hang out! I will clear your spaces and bring your energy back to you, we will align our chakras and we will turn our attention as openly as we can towards asking what this is all about and how we shall show up for it. I love you, if you’ve been struggling I feel you and would love to spend another theta hour together unwinding, allowing the group energy to lift us, and connecting with higher consciousness.

I started doing donation based group work at the beginning of covid to stay connected to people and with the desire to offer something in a universally strange and challenging time.  These are not polished, edited productions but simple recordings of the group work I've been doing most Friday's @ 3:00.

These offerings are designed to uplift, to soothe and to celebrate the transformation that can happen when we slow down and learn to use language in a way that empowers.

Quite a few of these include a ThetaHealing Meditation in the beginning, for those of you unfamiliar with the practice, feel free to follow along or skip to the group work, although I believe the meditation is just as beneficial to receiving as the work itself. 

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