Group ThetaHealing Session #4; Insecurity, Self-Absorption and Getting Grounded as an Act of Love

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Meditations

How can we find center? How can we get out of the narcissistic loops of insecurity and not enoughness and learn how to truly show up for other people? Right now is NOT the time for us to spin out and get lost in self concern about what we have or have not been doing and whether we are “good” or “bad”. Now is the time to right the ship, baton down the hatch and focus on how to calllllllm ourselves down. Sound hard? It is!! Let’s fail together and appreciate our attempt!

I started doing donation based group work at the beginning of covid to stay connected to people and with the desire to offer something in a universally strange and challenging time.  These are not polished, edited productions but simple recordings of the group work I've been doing most Friday's @ 3:00.

These offerings are designed to uplift, to soothe and to celebrate the transformation that can happen when we slow down and learn to use language in a way that empowers.

Quite a few of these include a ThetaHealing Meditation in the beginning, for those of you unfamiliar with the practice, feel free to follow along or skip to the group work, although I believe the meditation is just as beneficial to receiving as the work itself. 

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