Group ThetaHealing Session #12; Energy Maintenance 101

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Meditations

How do we keep rising to meet the challenges of this moment? Politically, culturally and (for most of us) personally, this year has been a practice in not drowning. Learning to manage one’s own energy field is of the utmost importance.
In the same way your body needs water and movement and care, your energy body has some basic needs in order to be in optimal health.Over the years when my daily practice has slipped, there have been four things that have called me back again and again to find the energy to carry on!  

Clear:Clearing one’s space is akin to taking a shower or a bath and, if thorough, feeling brighter and fresher after. You exchange energy with everyone you come in contact with.  Sometimes the energy body needs our permission and a clear directive to Let Go and come home to center.

Align: All the chakras are connected with major nerve ganglia and taking a little time to tune in allows the mechanics of body and spirit to sync up. It is fallacy to consider ourselves as an isolated unit of energy and working with the chakras allows us to draw from the natural resources of earth and sky to lift and fill our weary selves. Do not cover depression with vigor but learn ways to absorb the chi we need to carry on more powerfully! 

Bubble: Our untrained little energy body/bubble gets worn down and knocked around, just like our physical bodies. Your energy body in integrity is as powerful as your physical body in perfect integrityand can have just as much of an impact on your quality of life. 

Download: We have access to any type of energy we’d like, if all we did was remember to complain less and ask more!
Humility is grace and grace allows us to be filled with something greater than ourselves. We are not in control!  Let’s bow deep and pray big because this boat has only begun to rock!

AlexisRoseDavis · ThetaHealing#12; EnergyMaintenance101

I started doing donation based group work at the beginning of covid to stay connected to people and with the desire to offer something in a universally strange and challenging time.  These are not polished, edited productions but simple recordings of the group work I've been doing most Friday's @ 3:00.

These offerings are designed to uplift, to soothe and to celebrate the transformation that can happen when we slow down and learn to use language in a way that empowers.

Quite a few of these include a ThetaHealing Meditation in the beginning, for those of you unfamiliar with the practice, feel free to follow along or skip to the group work, although I believe the meditation is just as beneficial to receiving as the work itself. 

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