LightHouse Collaboration

Alexis Davis / CoreVisions
Rozalynne Woolfe / Lighthouse Salon

Our Mission

We are Two Businesses with One Vision.

We aim at being kind to one another and ourselves.
We want to free our minds and yours of self-annihilating thoughts about the way we look or misperceptions of not being enough.

We are in service to people taking care of themselves externally and internally.

Whether it’s Hair, Make-up and Facials or
Energy Work, Manifesting and Meditation classes,
We so love taking care of you!

We would like to make peace with ourselves,
knowing that to make peace with oneself creates more energy, better ideas and often peace with those around us.

We have not perfected this, nor do we encourage anyone to try!

The LightHouse Salon and CoreVisions partner together in a mutual desire to create Community, Fun and Mutually Beneficial Relationships And we welcome all who feel the same.

Rozalynne Woolfe and I have been friends for over 10 years.  To know Roz is to love Roz and we were drawn together through our mutual love of manifestation, thetahealing and good ol’ fashioned hard work to co create something amazing.
In 2011 we started dreaming.  We meditated on a collective space where I could do my energy work and teach workshops and she would create a salon that was a joy to work in and a joy to come to.

We imagined a lighthouse, a place that would be stable and consistent, with the purpose of illumination and the ability to light the way for ourselves and everyone else. We wanted to create a space that made people feel at home.
For two years we planned and imagined and prayed and looked at an endless parade of empty spaces…

We were dreaming of the one.  In 2013 we found our ideal space and in 2014 we joyfully opened the doors to our LightHouse.

We have felt called, again and again in the last six years to a shared vision of community over competition, love over hate and a type of radical personal responsibility that puts you in charge of your life!

The LightHouse Salon is not only an aesthetically pleasing, warm and beautiful environment; it is filled to the brim with warm and beautiful people.