Auditory Offerings

Covid: For HealthCare Workers

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Meditations

A friend of mine who is a nurse asked me to record a short meditation for her and some of her friends who were feeling overwhelmed by the pace of incoming people. This is meant to offer a small window to calm, to cleanse and to come back to center.

AlexisRoseDavis · Covid: For HealthCare Workers

I have slowly been accumulating group meditations from the workshops I’ve taught and snippets from 1:1 sessions I’ve been offering.  No matter how different we are we all often need to hear the same things (sometimes more than once).  I believe in the power to change our beliefs, our relationships to ourselves and others, to money, to health and to power. 

These offerings are designed to uplift, to soothe and to celebrate the transformation that can happen when we slow down and learn to use language in a way that empowers.

Quite a few of these include a ThetaHealing Meditation in the beginning, for those of you unfamiliar with the practice feel free to follow along or skip to the group work, although I believe the meditation is just as beneficial to receiving as the work itself. 

Cheers to Reciprocity